Olmeda Orígenes


The famous chistorra is a typical sausage with an incomparable intense flavor and tender texture that melts in your mouth. This is a very popular tapa served on its own or with fresh bread and a glass of wine.

Our chistorra is created in an artisan manner in Arbizu, north-west of Navarra, in a village surrounded by forests, peaks and rivers. They are made with minced meat, pork fats, salt and paprika; without preservatives or additives of any kind. Afterwards, it is left to air for three days in our drying cellars. Our chistorras can be cooked in many different ways: fried, baked, barbecued, stewed… and still be simply delicious.


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• In strings of 280gr. approx. Product code: 14002



Tasting note

Bright red in colour, flat and compact. Long and narrow.
On the nose the excellent aromas of paprika seasoning stand out. A very pleasant and tender texture on the palate with an intense and long aftertaste. Without additives or preservatives.

The Olmeda Orígenes Chistorra should be stored between 0° and 5°

Shelf Life 5 months
Origin Arbizu, Navarra.