My father enjoyed his life at his house in Olmeda de las Fuentes, with his friends. He liked good food and great wines which lengthened the time spent sitting at the table with animated discussions.

He dreamt of leaving the big city and rediscovering the simple things, returning to lost traditions and enjoying the authentic products of the land.

He nostalgically remembered his childhood, the profound smells and subtle flavors that lingered in the kitchens of his infancy. This is Olmeda Origenes: the search for the best products selected from rural Spain.

A tribute to a town, which symbolises the richness of traditional Spanish cuisine.

In Olmeda de las Fuentes the bread tastes freshly baked, the tomatoes of the hands that picked them, the meat of spring grass and the cheese of cream.

Good cooking is simple and that is what we are searching for: Origins of a town that does not need to spend too much in order to eat the best of the land.

My father used to say that you have to search for the soul at the origin.

My father was right.