Olmeda Orígenes | Cooked Iberian Ham
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 Cooked Iberian Ham

Since time immemorial we have enjoyed Iberian pork ham in the Iberian Peninsula. An extraordinary animal, which lives in perfect harmony amongst men and nature.


Full fat hams, with succulent fat infiltrations, which we steam for 12 hours. At the end we give them a subtle touch of natural beech smoke.


This steamed ham is undoubtedly different, exquisite and unique. We debone it completely for machine cutting, or we leave only the cane for better knife cut.

Tasting note

It has a characteristic Jamon Iberico shape, dark skin with a black hoof, its meat has abundant fat infiltrations and melts in your mouth. Its texture is sweet and smooth. To the palate it is fresh, natural and reminiscent of country flavours.

Shelf Life

90  days


Móstoles, Madrid



  • Cooked Iberian Ham with bone 10-11 Kg

Product code 13001

  • Cooked Iberian Ham semi-deboned 8-9 Kg

Product code 13002

  • Cooked Iberian Ham totally deboned 6-7 Kg

Product code 13005

  • Cooked Iberian Ham Sliced 100 grs

Product code 13006