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Creamy Blue Cheese “El Mineru”

The Creamy Blue Cheese “El Mineru” from Asturias is renowned for its creamy texture and intense flavor, characterized by distinctive blue veins running through its interior. Made with high-quality cow’s milk, this cheese captures the essence of the Asturian region. Its versatility makes it perfect for spreading on fresh bread or pairing with nuts, while its spicy flavor makes it an ideal complement to robust red wines or Asturian cider.

The name “El Mineru” evokes the region’s ancient coal mines, thus highlighting the cheese’s connection to the rich history and traditions of Asturias. This combination of quality, flavor, and cultural heritage makes it a true gastronomic treasure appreciated both locally and internationally.



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Packaging: Se presenta envuelto en papel alimentario tipo craft con logo y gráficos imitando a una hoguera.


Shelf life 12 months

Origen Asturias