Olmeda Orígenes

Green Piquillo Peppers

Green piquillo peppers are a gastronomic jewel from our cuisine, a very characteristic pepper of the province of Navarra, in the North of Spain. The best piquillo peppers are produced in the magnificent vegetable gardens of the Ebro river, where our peppers are elaborated with love and dedication day-to-day.

This culinary ingredient was first brought to our land when America was discovered, and since then it became a traditional vegetable to add flavour to all our dishes. Green piquillo peppers are an early harvest, a limited edition that are only available only until stock lasts. They are carefully picked and hand cleaned one by one, respecting artisanal processes. They are finally hand packed in order to preserve all the properties, taste and texture that a superb spanish piquillo pepper should present.


Enthusiastic about our green piquillo peppers? Contact us! Whether you are a wholesaler, importer, catering, restaurant or supermarket, we will offer a solution with our food service or retail packagings. We are experts in the selection and distribution of the best Spanish food with an internationally renowned brand. Olmeda Origenes is able to deliver to any part of the world with the necessary import requirements and documents, custom dispatch and all the benefits of a single brand. if you are interested, please contact export@olmedaorígenes.com and let yourself be captivated by our exceptional gastronomy.


Tin 390 gr. 17/22 units. Product code: 25005



Shelf Life 4 years
Origin Azagra, Navarra.