Olmeda Orígenes

Tempura Mixer

Tempura is a product with history: coming from the Portuguese word “tempero” (condiment), tempura is a key technique habitual in the Japanese cuisine, but whose roots are in fact Mediterranean. Tempura is a traditional recipe that travelled with the Jesuits missionaires from our peninsula to the land of the rising sun, and with the time the custom to cook with tempura remained.

This product can be used for all kind of dishes: vegetables, meat, fish, and seafood. There is no need to add eggs to this mixer, just add cold water to the tempura and mix until thickens. Then coat the food and shake off any excess product. Fry it in very hot oil to create a crispy and golden tempura layer in no time.

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Retail format. Reusable PET of 500 gr. Product code: 26008

Food Service format. Paper bag of 5 Kg. Product code: 26012


Shelf Life 12 months
Origin Loranca de Tajuña, Guadalajara.