Olmeda Orígenes | Piquillo Peppers.
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Piquillo Peppers

The magnificent Piquillo Pepper are grown and picked up near La Rioja, in Azagra, Navarra, on the left bank of the Ebro river, at the foot of the La Peña hill. They are hand picked up between the months of September and November and then roasted and peeled by hand.

Tasting Note

They have an intense red colour, and a slightly sweet roasted flavour. They have a firm texture and are great for accompanying salads, rice, eggs, pasta or potatoes. Any vegetable, fish or meat can be used to stuff the Piquillo Peppers, the most famous are Piquillo Pepper stuffed with cod “a la riojana”.

Shelf Life

4 years


Azagra, Navarra


  • Crystal jar 290 grs 14/16 units; Product code: 25002
  • Tin 390 grs 17/22 units; Product code: 25003
  • Tin 2,5 Kg 80/100 units; Product code: 25004