Olmeda Orígenes | Ayanto jams.
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Ayanto Jams

Artisan jams made of Fig, Mango, Cactus, Papaya and Banana. All the fruits are cultivated in a natural way in Tenerife Island, Canary Island and La Gomera. They are collected at their optimum point of maduration, which allows to preserve the pulp and flesh with the best quality and a natural sweetness that gives the jams a fresh and excellent flavor. All of them contain a minimum fruit content of a 65% per 35% of sugar, which makes them to preserve most of the properties and natural flavors of the fruit. They do not contain artificial colouring, additives or artificial smells. Just the flavor of fruit ripened in the tree and collected early in the morning to be cooked in few hours.

Shelf Life

2 years


Canary Islands


  • Crystal jar 250 gr Banana, Product code: 23024
  • Crystal jar 250 gr Mango, Product code: 23025
  • Crystal jar 250 gr Papaya, Product code: 23026
  • Crystal jar 250 gr Cactus, Product code: 23027
  • Crystal jar 250 gr Fig, Product code: 23028