Olmeda Origenes | Iberico Cebo Ham.
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Iberico Cebo Ham

Iberico Cebo ham from 50% iberico breed pork raised in liberty and eating natural herbs and feed.


Their excellent hams are cured for 4 years in natural cellars in Salamanca and knife cut by experts to guarantee the best slices, the best presentation of the plate and 100% profitability of the product.


Hand packed in an innovative vacuum sealed glass jar, being respectful with the environment since the raising of the pork until the sale in the supermarket and avoiding the use of any kind of plastic. Among the numerous benefits of using glass instead of plastic, it is remarkable that plastic trays vacuum sealed press the ham which makes the fat migrate and melt, affecting the flavour and freshness of the ham, whereas the glass preserves the slices perfectly.



Shelf Life

9 months


  • Vacuum Sealed Crystal Jar 80 grs 20/30 slices.
  • 9 units per box.

Product code: 15040