Suckling Lamb “Lechazo”

It is… undoubtedly, the dish per excellence in Spain and we bring it from Burgos, where we select this jewel: the Baby or suckling Lamb. Our lams are the offspring of the Churra  or “ojinegra” sheep: walker, resistant, long living and with its characteristic white wool with black marks on the snout.


The Baby Lamb Olmeda Orígenes weights between 9 and 12 kilos and is exclusively fed with mother’s milk. The suckling lamb’s meat has sufficient and balance fat infiltration, which transfers the characteristic juiciness, smoothness and flavor.


Once cooked, its colour must be clear and its smell and flavour must be pleasant, with a mid-low intensity, features of baby lamb, which are solely fed with mother’s milk. Also, their texture will be smooth and juicy.


We have several cuts available: Leg’s lamb, shoulder’s lamb, hind loin, Rib cage (rack) and lamb quarters.