Olmeda Orígenes

Comuna Almond Flour

Baking moist, tender pastries is now possible for those who are gluten intolerant, diabetic or following a keto diet thanks to our Comuna Almond Flour. We offer a versatile alternative to wheat flour, with all the intense taste to almonds.

Our raw comuna almond flour is the result of the mix of several varieties such as Ferranduel, Garrigues or Moncay. Moreover, it present several properties good for the health, as almond flour is high in protein, in monounsaturated fats, helps with blood sugar control and it is a great choice for low-carb baking. It is ideal for the elaboration of desserts, conferring to all your recipes that sweet-nut flavor characteristic to almonds. Your guest will not be able to resist your cake, cookies, muffins, waffles, pancakes, brownies, cupcakes or bread recipes!

Enthusiastic about our Comuna almond flour? Contact us! Whether you are a wholesaler, importer, catering, restaurant or supermarket, we will offer a solution with our food service or retail packagings. We are experts in the selection and distribution of the best Spanish food with an internationally renowned brand. Olmeda Origenes is able to deliver to any part of the world with the necessary import requirements and documents, custom dispatch and all the benefits of a single brand. if you are interested, please contact export@olmedaorígenes.com and let yourself be captivated by our exceptional gastronomy.


• Bag 1 Kg. Product code: 26020



Shelf Life 9 months
Origin León, Spain.