• Beef Chorizo Spicy

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Beef Chorizo Spicy

We have captured this Leonese gem: Spicy Beef Chorizo, with an extraordinary flavour and aroma that captivates the strictest palate. It is produced in Ferral del Bernesga, whose cold winters and altitude create the perfect conditions for the elaboration of this premium product.

This spicy beef chorizo is made from a selection of the finest beef meat, minced and then rolled by hand into sausage shape. It is seasoned with paprika from La Vera, garlic, salt and oregano and left to dry for three months to achieve its unique flavour. Free of additives or preservatives.

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• Beef Chorizo Spicy 445 grs. Product code: 15056


Tasting note

Intense red colour in horseshoe shape with an irregular surface. On the nose, aromas such as paprika, dried fruit, spices and aromatic herbs stand out. It has a very agreeable texture on the palate with an intense flavour. Tender, elegant and with a spicy finish.

Optimum serving temperature: 17° and 20 °C.

Shelf Life 12 months

Origin Ferral del Bernesga, León.