Olmeda Origenes | Southern Fried Chicken Mixer.
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Southern Fried Chicken Mixer

The “Santa Rita” windmills can be found in “Castilla- La Mancha”. The famous Knight Don Quixote mistook them for giants, but they are only windmills meant for grinding flour.


This flour mix can be used for Mixed grill, fried food, barbecue meat, brochettes, condiments, or “Pinchos Morunos”… Fried in a pan or roasted in the oven it is a simple, practical and delicious idea for adding flavour to your meat. It can also be used as a condiment for different sauces… Used with paprika and natural spices we get a marvellous, original mildly spicy flavour. It will add a very nice flavour to all your dishes.



Retail format: Reusable PET of 500 grs.


Food Service: Pappers bag of 5Kg.