Nuestra extraordinaria gastronomía refleja la bondad de nuestra tierra…

… de los pueblos de antes y de ahora, de nuestra historia universal, de nuestra cultura mediterránea y la pasión por viajar y gritar al mundo nuestra vocación de servicio y entusiasmo por lo que hacemos.

Olmeda Orígenes de pueblo… pueblo


My father enjoyed his life at his house in Olmeda de las Fuentes, with his friends. He liked good food and great wines which lengthened the time spent sitting at the table with animated discussions.

He dream of leaving the big city and rediscovering the simple things, returning to lost traditions and enjoying the authentic products of the land.

He nostalgically remembered his childhood, the profound smells and subtle flavors that lingered in the kitchens of his infancy. This is Olmeda Origenes: the search for the best products selected from rural Spain.

A tribute to a town, which symbolises the richness of traditional Spanish cuisine.

In Olmeda de las Fuentes the bread tastes freshly baked, the tomatoes of the hands that picked them, the meat of spring grass and the cheese of cream.


What we offer? The widest variety of foods from Spain, an exceptional quality, reasonable prices and a logistics department which coordinates any delivery to any destination in the world.


We are associated with small artisan producers who put their soul to make extraordinary products following their local traditions.

Each year we travel around Spain visiting many of these artisans, searching and selecting products that we love.

Just the ones that we really love! We guarantee the traceability of all our products.


We work with exclusive importers who distribute our products in over 35 countries.

We develop a careful relationship with them, visiting regularly, working with their commercial network and participating in fairs, tastings, etc. We visit the facilities where our products are made. Our experience and knowledge is offered to our customers to help them find exactly the right products for them.

We develop a communication policy with chefs, retailers, bloggers, journalists and opinion leaders through our social networks: YouTube, linked in, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, etc…


Olmeda Origenes ships any quantity worldwide via air, land or sea.

The logistics department coordinates shipments from warehouses in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Paris or Amsterdam, grouping all our products, both refrigerated and dry. The products are then sent under a single custom document, a single bill and a single certificate of origin. We also provide any additional documents which may be required.

Our logistics partners who have cold stores and freezers, supervise personally the process of loading each of the pallets and containers.