20 Jul The history and tradition of iberian cooked ham Olmeda Origenes

If you like ham there is no way that you don’t know what Iberian cooked ham is, the best of the best, but do you know everything about this Spanish delicacy ?

History of Iberian ham

The romans and ham

The first traces of Iberian ham date of the Roman Empire, when the salting techniques were discovered, even then the quality of ham made with the Iberian black pigs was so superior that it was reserved for the nobility and the richest of patricians, we even found coins minted with pigs on their faces, truly the romans knew a good ham when they tasted one!

The Modern times

The 20th century brought ham to its peak. This era saw the beginning of the interest in pigs genetics and the start of rapid innovation in the whole sector.

But the real important date for Iberian pigs is 1960. In the 60s details like origin, breed, feeding …. It’s the birth of nomenclatures and regulations, jamón ibérico de cebo, jamón ibérico de cebo de campo 50%…

Black pigs

Olmeda Origenes: Crafting Exceptional Cooked and Smoked Hams

Olmeda Origenes and our suppliers takes immense pride in its legacy of perfecting the art of crafting exceptional cooked and smoked hams, an expertise they have honed for over half a century. At the heart of their pursuit lies the unwavering commitment to using only the finest Spanish raw material, specifically the renowned Iberian pig. This discerning choice serves as the foundation for their premium hams, revered for their unparalleled quality and unforgettable flavors.

The manufacturing process of Olmeda Origenes Iberian Cooked ham is an art in itself, with every detail carefully orchestrated to achieve perfection. The hams undergo a precise injection process, wherein essential salts and preservatives are introduced, meticulously preserving the hams’ inherent freshness and natural flavors. Herein lies the secret to the hams’ exceptional taste, ensuring that each slice tantalizes the palate with a burst of flavor that lingers long after consumption.

Olmeda Origenes’ pursuit of gastronomic excellence continues through their optimal cooking and smoking techniques. The hams spend around 14 hours in a steam oven, with the final two hours dedicated to the smoking process. Here, natural beech wood generates smoke through friction, infusing the hams with a distinct bouquet. This meticulous approach imparts a delightful pink hue to the hams, which serves as a visual testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into every product.

Olmeda Origenes’ Iberian Cooked Hams: A Gastronomic Sensation of Excellence

When it comes to organoleptic excellence, Olmeda Origenes’ hams are truly in a league of their own. Upon opening, the ham reveals the marbling of the Iberian fat, a hallmark of their succulence and unique taste. The aromas that emanate as each slice is cut evoke a sensory journey that captivates the senses. Olmeda Origenes takes immense pride in creating hams with a homogeneous flavor profile, ensuring that each slice delivers a perfectly balanced taste that delights customers with every bite.

To truly savor the exceptional flavors, Olmeda Origenes recommends serving their hams at room temperature. This allows the hams to develop their full range of flavors and ensures they remain tender and juicy. Whether enjoyed alone or paired with a high-quality red wine, the gastronomic experience delivered by Olmeda Origenes’ hams is nothing short of extraordinary.

How to eat and combine Iberian Cooked ham

Now that you know everything about Iberian Cooked Ham its time to cook, combine and eat it. But what is the best way you may ask ? Olmeda Origenes has some answer for you.

The first way is the crispier : Toast. Grill a slice of bread with olive oil, cut some slices of Manchego Cheese and let them grill, once they are crispy you can put them on your toast, the only thing missing on these delicious toasts is of course our delicious Iberian Cooked Ham, a slice per toast, spread it with some paprika powder or paprika flakes and enjoy !

The second way is the most convivial, preparing a cheese and ham plater. On a board prepare any cheese in slices and pair each of them with our Iberian Cooked Ham. To accompany your plater you might also want to do Iberian Cooked ham sandwiches, the Olmeda Origenes Iberian cooked ham is perfect in any sandwich and will for sure delight your tastebuds.